Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Published in the Paper!

Today I have the link to a beautiful article in the paper about nothing less than my self!  You half to check out this link

The article was great.  Thank you Aditi from the Mid Day Mumbai!  I loved the story and I was so excited to see my pictures in the newspaper!  Two points of clarification are needed: my parents do change some things I write.  They help me edit grammar, spelling, clarity, and organization.  The words and ideas are all mine though.  Also, my mom is not a doctor, she is a physical therapist. 

Today,  we planned on getting an early start to the clinic, but the cars taking us there were a little late. While we were waiting, we watched workers building the medical center and carrying bricks on their heads to certain piles throughout the construction site.  Adam, Seth, and I tried this once, to see how hard it was.  Adam and Seth carried eight bricks and I only carried four.  Some of the workers carried sixteen!  Wow, if I did that every day my neck would hurt forever!  I can understand why all of the patients at our clinics have had major back pain! 

When the cars arrived, we drove for about one hour to find a small village with a large tented area next to which a large crowd sat and eagerly waited to be helped.  Before the clinic started,  the doctors from the area gave us a welcoming ceremony.  We received the Tika blessing and a neckless of flowers.  On a golden stand were four wicks covered in oil. We had to take a spoon full of oil to light other wicks.  Then the doctors got straight to work.  My mom was hosting a physical therapy booth along with the other doctors at their tables.  I tried helping out some, but nobody needed my help.  I felt sad that I could not help, but I was still happy that the whole group could care for all of the poor, sick people of the area.   

Adam and Ivan watching the ceremony

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Congrats on the newspaper article! Great that your audience keeps growing and growing.

  2. Chopper,
    Thank you for congratulating me! Did you get up in the middle of the night to post the comment?


  3. Yea, Rohan!! Finally some due public notice of your wonderful blog! My grandson, the blogger!! Have a good Thanksgiving dinner. Think about you alot. Love, Grandmalish

  4. Rohan,
    What a great Thanksgiving surprise to read about you in an Indian newspaper. 'Way to go, my boy! Congratulations!!!!!
    I looked for your blog before I went to bed last night, but it wasn't online yet. Chopper had the benefit of living a couple of time zones to the west of Austin. Or maybe he stayed up later than we did!
    We hope you had a good Thanksgiving dinner. We are just getting started preparing ours, but anticipating a good meal.
    Love, Grandma Doris - and Debbie

  5. Wow great blog rohan,
    It was a lovely time with you, your mother and ivan today.Hope you'll like bareilly,i stay near the place your residing.I must say you write really well,give my regards to your parents and rest of the team.
    Love Sahil

  6. Nice that they published your pictures in the article. Weather has been cold here, hanging around zero(F) for the last two weeks. Could you tell us more of your environment? Hot, day and night? Bugs? Rain? Storms? Making gravy today reminded me of Ivan and your dad making turkey gravy. Life is good, we look forward to reading your story. Den

  7. awesome to se in the published newspaper.. more to come.. this is gathering exciting!
    write on!