Saturday, November 12, 2011

Entering a New Part of India

Today, we drove from Jodhpur to Lamba, where the rest of the gang have been waiting for us. While we were dealing with our injuries, the rest of the rickshaw crew was in Lamba offering a clinic to the villagers.  I did some school work until 1:00, our departure time.  After a nice lunch, we got in the car for the three hour drive.

Over the first few hours of the drive, we mainly saw open grassland and few towns.  Towards the end of the drive, the drive started to get more interesting.  By this time, the sun was setting which added to the beauty.  We started seeing smaller villages and soon we were in the middle of nowhere.  We saw sheep herders and small vegetable stands and several peacocks.  Between the villages we saw vast open land.  We were in Rajasthan, a region of India with amazing culture and desert land scape.

We arrived in the village of Lamba where we were greeted by the rest of the rickshaw gang.  Our friends were glad to see that we were alive and doing well with our injures.  We are staying at a large complex built with traditional architecture.  The family has lived in this house for 300 years.  They have been land owners since the Maharajahs time.  I am excited to see more of this area in the morning.  Tomorrow we will hold another clinic here in Lamba before moving on. 

Arriving in the Dark

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  1. Sounds like a more normal day than you had on Thursday. Thank goodness! Please keep safe.
    I especially liked the picture Arriving in Darkness.

  2. Hi Rohan - I was so glad to hear your Dad's voice telling me that you were all OK. That was scary!! I hope that the bad drivers have been eliminated!! Take care. Love, Grandmalish