Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going Around in Circles

I have had a wonderful time here at the clinic in Osiyan.  I have seen some amazing people and have come to appreciate how lucky I am.  Most of the Indian’s would cut    an arm off to be me.  Today, the problem was that I did not focus well on my minimal school work, and felt sorry for myself when I could not be outside my room helping with the clinic or taking pictures.  Feeling sorry for myself made me feel guilty and more inclined to feel bad for myself, therefore even harder to get my work done. 

Tonight, because I hadn’t finished my school work, I missed out on a big party that included riding camels.  I had been really excited to go to the party, but my work was still not done.  I am feeling bad for feeling sorry for myself around all this extreme poverty.

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  1. Rohan, we all go in circles occasionally, just avoid going down the drain. Humans spend more time and effort avoiding a job than the job takes,that is why most things that need to be done have a "deadline".

    I enjoy that you tell us how you feel. Your comment about thinking travelling would be a vacation and discovering it was not, is still one of my most quoted. Den

  2. Hi Rohan - You just took a day off from your work! No need for guilt! There will be more camel rides, I am sure! Love you, Grandmalish

  3. Wow - tough day. In situations like these, I find that the best course of action is blame someone else, typically your parents. Or maybe your older sister. Or maybe both. But you've taken the much more mature and enlightened approach. I'm really glad you feel comfortable sharing your feelings about this. It helps us connect with you and makes your experiences that much more vivid and real for us.

  4. Rohan,
    Pardon the trite expression, but my heart goes out to you. Some days are just plain sh___ (you fill in the blank letters). What good adventures you have had and will continue to have. As your Grandma Lish wrote, there will be more camels to ride.
    Love, Grandma Doris

  5. Rohan,

    Don't spend too much time feeling guilty. You can't change the situation with a simple snap of the fingers, but you and your awesome Ma and Pa are doing the next best thing by giving care and comfort to those who need it most. By sharing your experiences at the clinic with us, you are raising our awareness and inspiring us to do something to help too.

  6. Hello all friends,
    Thank you for comforting me. I appreciate all your kind thoughts.