Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Beaches at Last

Our second day dawned in Thailand.  We had slept in and today we would head for the beach.  Having equipped ourselves with beach towels and light clothing, we caught a two hour ferry to the island of Kho Phi Phi.  After a quick drive from the hotel, we pulled out of the dock and started the sea journey to the long awaited island beach resort.  We sat on the bow of the boat and watched several fishing vessels, and beautiful islands of varying size pass by.  The deck of the boat was packed with fellow travelers from around the world.  Soon we could make out the shape of a huge cliffy island.  The island’s shape became increasingly vivid as we turned around a corner and entered a bay surrounded by the sandy shores of Phi Phi Island.

After docking, we picked a boatman from the crowd waiting at the dock to take us to our beach stay.  We had to catch a short water taxi to our resort.  Our water taxi driver lead us onto a long, open, wooden boat.  In the middle section of the boat was a tarped area behind which the captain sat and controlled the motor.  The motor was big and square with visible moving chains and an open gas compartment.  Attached to the motor was a long poll with a propeller at the end to power and steer the boat.  I chose not to take pictures with my new camera because of the ocean spray.  Instead,  I used my old, homey, tourist cam.  In no time, we were approaching the destination of the day, the hot sand of Hat Yao, or long beach.

Soon, we were settling in to our long awaited beach resort illuminated by the setting sun.  We walked up the shore and hastily threw our gear into the room and headed to the waters of the Andaman Sea on the West cost of Thailand.  We played around for a short time.  The water was perfect, but soon it was getting dark.  We showered off and had dinner and then I had to get an early start on my blog so my family and I could watch a movie!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic! 


  1. Hi! Your blog is really great! I am glad everyone is okay from the rickshaw accident... sounds scary! We recently got your gifts from China.... thank you!
    Uncle David, Kalia, and Devin

  2. Thank you so much Kalia, Devin, and David for reading my blog! Did you like the gifts? What's happening down in California?


  3. Rickshaw or water taxi? These are the decisions that try men's souls...

  4. Rohan, I fear you did not choose your ancestors well, and that, you know, is the key to good health. My ears have never been quite right and in my teens I had terrible ear infections- so troubling that an Eye Ear Nose and Throat doctor used radioactive material to try to clear things up. I apologize for passing problem ears on to you. I have been both delighted and impressed with your blog, your honesty, your sensitivity to the people you meet, and your ability to roll with the punches. Enjoy a less chaotic and stressful "next leg." Love, Grandpa Morgan