Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photos in the Paper!

Today I have some exciting news.  Last night I got a phone call from Aditi, a reporter for the Midday Mumbai Newspaper.  She has been reading my blog and wanted to write an article about it.  She asked me questions about the blog and about my travels.  I told her that I love taking pictures and she noted that she loves my photography.  She asked me to send her an email with some of my best shots including a couple pictures of me.  She wanted five or six photos, but I could only narrow my favorite pictures down to twenty.  Today I spent the entire day choosing my pictures and doing school work.  I will show you the pictures I chose and will publish the link to the article when it gets published (within the next week or so!)

This is me jumping off a sailing boat in Croatia.  I got the picture with a self timer.  It took me a couple tries, but I eventually got it.

This is a picture of a ladder leaning against the Great Wall of China.

This is a Tibetan man posing in a yak hair tent,  a traditional tent used for nomads and yak herders.  This picutre was taken in at a health clinic in Surmang, a rural village just outside the Tibetan Autonomous region.

Also in Surmang, this baby, Tensing Chudren, always kept a good spirit and a happy face.  She is the daughter of Ocho, one of the clinic housekeepers.

A traditional Tibetan lady looking into a traditional Tibetan tent.

These are the hands of a hermit living high in the mountains above Lhasa.  We were hiking nearby and he invited us into his home for tea.

This Tibetan lady is sitting on the stairway leading up to the Potala Palace in Lhasa, a holy place for all Tibetan Buddhists.

Also in Tibet, a family riding on the Tibetan vehicle of choice, a motorcycle.

These are prayer wheels, meant to bring peace to all living things.  When Buddhists walk past, they spin the prayer wheels in a clockwise direction.  Inside each wheel there are thousands of written prayers, whose spirits disperse into the universe when the wheels are spun.  

These are Tibetan prayer flags on a high, snowy pass.  Prayer flags also have prayers bringing peace for all living things.

This is a Nepalese Hindu girl with the traditional tika on her forehead.  The tika is a tradition for the  Dashain festival, one of the biggest Hindu celebrations.

Dhokund is spiritural place for Buddhists by a holy lake and a holy mountain, high in the Nepalese Himalayas.

One of the most holy temples for the Hindu religion, Pashupatinats, in Kathmandu.  The river that flows in the middle of the temple also flows into the Ganges river, another extrememly holy river for Hindus. 

In Bhutan, kids play while their parents harvest and thrash their rice crops in the field.

A woman thrashing rice in the fields of Bhutan.

An Indian child staring out of the train at an Indian slum.

This picture of me was taken by my mom seconds before our rickshaw rollover accident.

This is a picture illustrating the sick patients that the American and Indian doctors diagnosed and helped in the Kishangarh tent slum.

Indian women carrying water to their homes in Lamba, India.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Absolutely fabulous photos -- I love 'em!

  2. Thank you Chopper!

    I am also very fond of them.

  3. excellent selection from your many wonderful images.. its hard to take a boring shot over there!
    you are amazing!