Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pounding Rain

Yesterday, we arrived in Milford Sound with clear blue skies.  Sun beat down on the beautiful dry rocks.  We saw occasional waterfalls and rivers, both of which were limited in water.  The rivers were shallow and the waterfalls narrow and low in volume.  We hoped to do some hiking and some over night trekking.  After all, it was perfect weather...  Today that all changed. 

Milford Sound exploded with water.  Waterfalls appeared on rocks that were previously dry as bones.  Entire cliff faces were covered in gushing and rushing water.  Strong winds yanked the pounding rain from side to side.  Small streams became deep, brown, flooded rivers.  All views vanished and all that could be seen were dreary clouds.  We drove to a camper park and a lodge where we looked out upon the nastiness outside.  At dinner, we walked up to a massive waterfall with amazing volume.  Tons of water came down upon what looked to be a giant ridge, or boulder, and shot out over the valley.  A visitor who had seen the Sound before the storm, told us that yesterday this waterfall had been small and insignificant.

At dinner, we met Dave, an interesting Canadian who is also traveling the world for a year.  He is only three weeks into his journey and we gave him advise about cities and sites not to be missed. Together we all walked out in the rain to look at waterfalls.  We walked in the strong wind and hard rain, hardly able to keep our rain coats on.  I personally thought the whole experience was just nutty.  Dave thought that the Sound was prettier in the rain than on the sunny days now past.

Wow, what a nasty day.  It was windy, rainy, cold, and bitter.  Ironic, we had endured so much driving to arrive in pouring rain.  So much so, that it prevented us from several opportunities.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better, but it is still a mystery.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!    


  1. Rohan, still love reading about your travels.
    "Tomorrow is supposed to be better."

    Sounds to me that a lot of New Zealand was made up of better days.

    Maybe everyone can buy new footware in South America. Remember you always buy footware for the ones you love. Den

    1. Hi Den!,

      I too think the weather will be better! We tried buying footwear in NZ but the prices were exorbitant!

      Say hi to Pat,

  2. No photos? I thought you had an underwater camera!

    Stay dry!