Sunday, January 1, 2012

Murchison or Bust!

Last Night on the Beach

This morning, while mom slept, Dad and I walked down the stone beach that we discovered yesterday.  The beach had a really cool vibe, barely any people, and hardly any trash.  We then drove to the near by town of Blenheim to access cell service for our cell internet stick and to eat good, hardy breakfast.  Soon, though, we were on the road again, this time to the small town of Murchison. 

The drive to Murchison lasted about two hours, during which the weather pulled a “one-eighty,” and the sun glared off our roasting mini van.  For the majority of the drive I was completing a math test that my dad graded shortly after.  I scored a ninety-two percent and passed!  If I score anything less then a ninety percent, my dad writes a new test and makes me retake the twenty problems.  Thankfully, I did not have to retake the test!   During the time that I was not working, I read the Lord of the Rings.  Frodo and company are currently enduring a nasty blizzard and are left with few options of escape.  My mellow doings in the back of the van were interrupted by the car coming to a stop.  We had arrived!

Murchison is the home of the New Zealand Kayak School.  The school grounds consist of a wide lawn and several lodge buildings with kayaks and other boating gear inside.  The staff here teach kayaking.  I will be taking two four day kids courses and my parents  will be taking a rescue course and an adult class. 

After parking our camper and eating a good dinner, we set off to hike to a small ridge with a good view of the town.  The hike was only about forty-five minutes long.  We made our way up through bushes and vines.  The view was spectacular!  At the top was a small, simple bench where we sat for awhile, talking about the world trip so far, before deciding to head back down.  On the way down, I enjoyed running, jumping, and swinging from trees and vines hanging over the trail.  Soon, we headed home to get a good night’s rest before our courses tomorrow.
One of the Views from our Hike


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  1. They begin the new year
    In the south hemisphere
    Comfy beds mean good rest
    “Hey, this van, it’s the best!”
    They will travel and sleep
    In the land of the sheep
    And attend kayak school
    (though one hopes not in a pool)

  2. Happy New Year!! Your photos are really good, Rohan. Loved the one of your parents on the bench!! Also the one of the beach at night! When you say it was warm - what is the temp? Just got back from California where I spent some days with Kalia and Devin during their Christmas break. Home again and glad to be warm. xoxo

  3. Rohan,
    I just looked at a map and followed your route from Sidney, to Christchurch and on to Murchison. What beautiful country you went through. Did you see any of the earthquake damage in Christchurch? Is the Kayak School in Murchison the one in which Daan works. If so, say hello for me.
    Ay a party last evening, we talked with friends from Austin who recently came home from a Roads Scholar birding trip to New Zealand. They had a good time and even met a high school friend of mine who was on a similar trip - but they didn't know there was a connection between us. All three ladies had wonderful trips and recommend New Zealand as a destination. Continue to enjoy it!
    Love, grandma Doris

  4. Chopper,
    Nice poem! It is funny but today we actually are in a pool!

    Grandma Lish,
    The temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That sounds fun visiting Kaila and Devin in California!

    Grandma Doris
    Thank you for following my route! This is the same kayak school that Daan works at!