Saturday, January 21, 2012

On the Road Again

Keith and Jo's House
This morning, my parent’s friends, Keith and Jo, cooked us a delicious breakfast of toast, bacon, and eggs, after which we explored Keith and Jo’s farm.  I loved the meal and was excited when Keith and Jo invited us on a tour of their property.  They have chickens, pigs, and sheep.  They also have several grass fields not being used for animals.  The chickens and the pigs are right in their back yard, but the sheep were away in a paddock.  The pigs were shy, cute, and filthy.  The chickens had a cool homemade hutch.  Inside a tangle of barbed wire there was a small little house with a ramp made of skis leading down from the door to the grass.  The chickens lay eggs in the house and feed on the grass.  Jo said that she gets about two eggs a day and we actually ate freshly layed chicken eggs for breakfast!  We continued our walk down to the sheep paddock.  The sheep were feisty and stuck together.   We finally cornered them, and were able to look at them from close up. 

After the tour, three of us (Mom, Dad, and I) took a canoe across a lagoon on their property and to a beach on the other side.  The beach was deserted in terms of people and trash.  Drift wood littered the rocky beach.  When we were back at the house it was already time to leave.  We said goodbye to Keith and Jo and made on our way. 

Me on Keith and Jo's Climbing Wall 

We drove for several hours to a town offering a half hour walk up to a glacier.  We walked up through jungle and lush vegetation and emerged in a large valley leading up to the glacier.  I was surprised at the change of the environment when we stepped onto the cold, rocky, windy valley.  After hiking up to the glacier, we turned around and made our way back through the valley, eventually to the cozy camper.  We drove again to a car park over looking another vast and beautiful beach with big waves and abundant drift wood.  We have no plans for tomorrow save exploring and taking every adventure that comes our way!

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  1. Fantastic! Rohan - your writing and your pictures are fabulous! And what an adventure!