Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Challenges and Beauties

Shea and Me (photo by Dad)

Today, we paddled a new river with different challenges and amazing beauties.  We drove onto a dusty road leading to the edge of the Maruia River.  After getting dressed and ready to boat, we scouted the river for the first time.  Upstream, we saw a massive waterfall about twelve meters high.  We were all astounded by the immense beauty of the falls.  Matt assured us that there were no waterfalls on the lower run that we were doing.  We got in our boats and headed down the river.  Halfway down the river, we stopped for a lunch break.  There, we swam across to the opposite bank of the river and jumped off a high cliff.  I loved jumping and had a great time. 

With the Maruia’s great joys and beauties we also had to face some challenges.  At the end of the run, we had to drag our boats up a long creek to the road.  Blocking our way, we faced waterfalls, drops, and big rocks.  We climbed up through the spray and had several great struggles.  To get the boats past the waterfalls, an instructor threw down a rope and the kids at the bottom attached the boat to the rope.  The instructor, then, would hoist the boat up to the top of the falls.  We continued this procedure until all the boats had been moved to the top.  Finally, we climbed through mud, sticks, and thorns to reach the road high above.  I was exhausted!

Returning to the lodge, I was hungry, sunburned, and weary.  My face and my hands had been scorched by the sun.  The boat hauling and rapid running had wiped me out, but I still had enough energy for a game of soccer.  Wow, what a day!

P.S. Tomorrow night I will be on a camping trip with my kids course so you will not hear from me until Friday the 20th.

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  1. You know what would be really cool? Kayaking over one of the those big waterfalls while sticking a butter knife into a toaster! Yeah, that would really be cool....