Friday, January 13, 2012

Nothing in the Rain Really is the Game...

Today, working and reading was the priority of the rainy day.  After lunch, we went to the public library to finish my math.   The math went fairly well and I enjoyed being around the healing and calming energy of books. 

After my work was finished, many hours of the rainy, dreary day had been fulfilled.  Thunder boomed while the endless patter of rain added to the growing puddles on the deserted streets.  Though the weather was bad, my parents still had the heart to go boating.  I humored them, like always, and went along.  Rain makes the rivers much higher in volume, but we still thought that the river would be within my kayaking limits.  We loaded gear into the van and started the short drive to the Mangles River.  I had boated the Mangles four previous times and knew the water quite well.   At the put-in, I knew something was fishy when I looked down on the river to find a rapid with fair sized waves.  Normally, this section is just a small ripple.  My mom said that she would not be able to rescue me in such fast moving waters if I swam. 

We decided that my parents would run the Mangles by themselves while I stayed at home and relaxed.    So they drove me back to the kayak school lodge where I read and played cards until my parents returned from the river.  Boy, I never get sick of nothing. 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!

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