Sunday, January 8, 2012

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

Today, I woke up bright and early to start kayaking.  After breakfast, the school van drove off with Matt, Dave, Josh, and me.   We headed to the pool where Josh and Dave succeeded at learning the roll!  This made everyone happy.  Matt was excited for his students, and I was excited because we could now all practice for the same amount of time and on the same technique.   After some rolling practice in the pool, we headed back to the lodge for a quick break before hitting the river.  I was starting to notice that Josh and Dave were warming up to me.  Josh was becoming less shy and Dave was less cocky and talked to me like we both had the same skills.  Soon, we had arrived at the lodge to play cards and eat a little before smashing through the waves of the Mangles River.

During the afternoon we had two runs on the Mangles, as we had on the second day of my last course.  This meant that I could give another go on the rapid that I swam last week.  Both times we all smoked the rapid.  When I stayed afloat, I was able to have a better look at the rapid.  During my last course, I thought it was just a drop with some small waves near the bottom.  Today, I saw that there was not much of a drop, but mainly two large lateral holes.  After gaining confidence on the rapid, I started trying some different moves and skills.  I tried doing practice rolls, but adjusting my hands into the proper set up position underwater as opposed to above water.  I also tried boofing, which is hitting a rock, going airborne, and landing on the other side.  This was a little hard for me because I am not heavy enough.  Occasionally, when Matt told us which line to take in order to avoid the waves and big holes, I asked to take the opposite line.  I was always allowed and always had a blast! 

Soon the day was over and I had some new friends.  Josh and David have warmed up to me!  I am glad to have friends again.  I learned a valuable lesson, “do not judge a book by its cover.”

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. I think we need some action shots of your kayaking. Maybe you could even post some videos?

  2. Hi Rohan - A very good lesson you learned!! I'm glad that you were open enough to let it happen and not close the book! Sounds dangerous what you are doing but glad you are learning the right way!! Love you, Grandmalish

  3. Chopper,

    It will be hard but we will try to get some footage of me boating.


    It always sounds worse than it is.... or sometimes the other way around

    Love Rohan