Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Milford Sound At Last

Today, we arrived just outside of our long awaited destination, Milford Sound.  We took occasional stops along the way, but many fewer than our previous drives.  We took a couple of hikes and met a nice French traveler.   

When we were about three quarters of the way to Milford Sound, we stopped in the town of Te Anau.  There, we ate a good lunch of pizza at a cafe where I finished a lesson of math.  Just as we were leaving Te Anau, we picked up a French hitchhiker named Anaisse.  She is hitchhiking and traveling for one year in New Zealand and has brought her dog, TJ, with her from France.  She is about nineteen and was extremely happy to get a ride.  She had spent hours on the side of the road.

We continued on our way with occasional spots to walk.  Anaisse was happy to get some exercise.  Eventually, we arrived at a lodge surrounded by towering mountains and cliffs.  Here, Anaisse left us to go camping in the surrounding mountains.  The guests at the lodge seemed aloof and we decided to camp in our van just outside.  Later in the evening, I enjoyed climbing a small tree to take pictures of the beautiful mountain range as the sun was going down.  Tomorrow we will hike up a pass to a beautiful saddle said to offer great views of Milford Sound.

One more day has come and gone on the amazing world trip.  What lies ahead???  What will tomorrow bring???  Ahh, ‘tis a mystery...  (hope you enjoyed the random cheese ball!) 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic! 


  1. Milford sounds like a cool place...

    1. Ya, yesterday Milford Sound was very cold...