Sunday, October 2, 2011

Viewing Mt. Everest

Today, we got up early to view the sunrise on Mt. Everest.  We left our hotel in the town of Shegar at six o’clock in the morning.  When we arrived at the first 5,000 meter pass, the sun was still bellow the horizon.  We walked outside and it was freezing!  My dad and mom walked up a hill but Melissa and I stayed in the warm bus.  The sun finally came out and we got good shots of the massive snowy mountain!

After the pass, we drove for several hours through farm lands with increasing views of Mt. Everest.  We finally arrived at Mt. Everest Base Camp! 

To enter Mt. Everest Base Camp, we had to go through many check points and passport checks.  We were not allowed to bring any sort of flag to the camp and we were told that there were probably many undercover Chinese spies.  We cannot bring flags because the Chinese think it is a symbol of disobedience.  The view was still spectacular, and we had a great time!  We later ate lunch at a monastery near the camp and explored the stupas and yaks.  This monastery, at 5,200 meters, is the highest in the world. 

We than drove on a dirt rode to the town of Tingri.  This place appears poorer than other Tibetan towns.   Seeing people farming with horses and naked kids running in the street made this area seem more exotic.  Our hotel is filthy, stinky, and run down.
Tomorrow we drive over one more high pass then cross the border into the low lands of Nepal and end our overland journey.

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