Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Journey's End

This morning the whole family moved downstairs to the guesthouse restaurant to do work.  I had to complete a lesson of math and my mom and dad had to research a certain recent Indian disease.  They had to make sure the three of us got shots for Japanese Encephalitis.   We heard that this disease had suddenly spread through India. My parents finished their research before I was done with my math, so they left to go shopping in Thamel.  I finished my math and played Infinity Blade until my parents came home. 

When in Thamel, my mom and dad ran into the guide and coordinator of our recent kayak trip in Tibet.  Chris, his wife, and a couple of clients had just finished a long overland biking journey from Lhasa to Kathmandu.  The two clients are disabled and have special bikes.  One client cannot move the left side of his body due to a serious head injury from a climbing accident, involving a rock falling on his head.   The other client has hip problems due to arthritis.  Their bikes have three wheels and big recliner seats.  My pictures of their Lhasa departure were taken weeks back near our hotel in Lhasa. 

Lula, a friend we meet at the Last Resort, and saw again here in Kathmandu, has a friend who is a professional photographer.  He has had about 500 pictures published by the Associated Press, including recent pictures in the Boston Globe and the New York Times.  I was looking at his shots when mom told me she was going with dad to meet the cyclists for a drink.  I stayed behind at the guesthouse.  I had a blast with Neary and Lula while my parents were gone.  I have finished up my blog and I am going to watch a movie until my parents come home.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!  


  1. Hi Rohan.
    I'm glad you are back online - if only for a few days. Your adventures are so very interesting! I hope you are all feeling strong and ready to start out again.
    We got back this evening from Washington, DC where Debbie was royally feted and where I enjoyed the festivities. I'll send a pic by email.
    Love, Grandma Doris

  2. Hey Vicky, if you're reading this, the woman biker Rohan is talking about is Carol Hearst... She says she knows you from Tazy.

    Chopper, the guy biker is Paul Pritchard... Used to be an international climber, wrote some books on climbing, etc. Do you know of him?