Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chaos in The Streets!

We are now in Kathmandu and are enjoying resting our tired legs from trekking.  This morning, I woke up to the thought of work.  We knew of a good internet cafe to publish my previous blogs.  My dad and I also had to correct some of my previous math lessons and I had to complete a math test.  We arrived at the cafe and I got straight to work.

I published my blogs, aced my test, did well on my math lessons, ate two sandwiches, drank a milk shake, and ate a croissant.  After my business was over, we headed into the section of town called Tamel.

We walked into a sudden burst of chaos.  Tourists crowed the streets while locals on motorbikes honked their horns and squeezed through the crowd.  All along the street were shops offering clothes, Buddha figurines, and much more.  The shop keepers never let a foreigner out of their sight without being heard.  We ate dinner in a large, calm area with a tarp for the roof.  I was so dehydrated I did not want to eat.  I drank a big bottle of water and was soon feeling better.  Outside it was dark and even more chaotic.  I had a panic attack and I needed to get out.  The walk home ultimately calmed me down.  We soon arrived at our hotel and I was done!

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