Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deeper into Bhutan

This morning after breakfast, my parents kayaked while Karma and I stopped at every bend to take pictures.  I got some amazing shots.  We picked the kayaking crew up at the take-out and continued our drive.  Today, we drove to a place four hours away, located in the Punakha Valley. 

Mom's Roll Practice

A View From the River
About thirty minutes into our drive, we arrived in Thimpu, the capital town of Bhutan.   Even though the city is the biggest in Bhutan, it has no traffic lights.  The one intersection is directed by a traffic controller.  They tried using a traffic light once, but the people were confused with the colors, so they took it down, and replaced it with the human traffic controller. 

We ate lunch In Thimpu,  and then tried to find a couple things that we had lost earlier on the trip.  I needed a new pair of headphones and Mom and I both needed a new pair of sunglasses.  We could not find a pair of head phones for music, only computer head phones with a big mic and two plugs.  We did not find any doable sunglasses, either.  We were soon on the road again.

The plan for the rest of the day was to drive to a high pass from which we were going to bike down the other side.  We arrived at the top of the pass and got out the bikes that Karma and Chandra had brought for the trip.  The way down the pass was curvy and long for 50 kilometers (30 miles).  We had a pleasant ride down.  On the road there were several cars, but they all slowed down and passed politely. 

When we finished biking, we were picked up by the car and driven to the place where we are going to spend the next three days.  Our first impressions of this place are amazing!  The rooms are super cozy and we have the whole place to are selves.  Tonight, I am feeling extremely tired so I will describe the camp tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will boat to out heart's content!

Harvesting Rice

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  1. What a fun and varied day! Love the 30 mile downhill bike ride.

  2. It was great fun, except my wrists hurt from riding the brakes for so long!

  3. If you don't use the brakes, you're gonna get breaks...