Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cobras with the Man

This morning, we woke up with no stress.  We had a flight back to Kathmandu, thankfully  in the afternoon!  In the morning, I had to do a lesson of math.  While I was doing math my parents walked around town and saw a snake charmer calming a cobra with a flute.  After my math was done, my parents took me to lunch and to see the snake and its master.  The Nepali man had two cobras both in small woven baskets.  When he played the flute the snake would concentrate all its focus on the flute and its master.  He even let me hold the snake.  After showing great interest in the snake, the man charged us a small fee.  After I saw the charmer, my family and I went to eat a quick lunch before jumping into a cab and going to the airport.  Time flashed by in bursts of confusion and chaos and we were soon flying on a plane back to Kathmandu.  From the flight, we had an amazing view of the Himalayan range!

Tonight we are staying at the same hotel as when we were last in Kathmandu.  On the busy drive through Kathmandu, I finished my math lesson from this morning.  Tomorrow, we will catch a morning flight to Bhutan.  There we plan to do some white water kayaking, biking, hiking, and sightseeing. Tonight, my family and I will watch a movie.  I am excited and can not wait!

We are not sure if we will have internet in Bhutan but please keep reading and commenting!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Charming charming charming
    Cobra snakes "alarming!"
    Travelling to Bhutan that's great!
    Gonna do some biking, and likely too some hiking.
    Then later watch a movie, can't wait!

  2. I don't like the snakes, but I hope you enjoyed your movie! I read that you miss your baseball cards, Rohan. I don't suppose you have access to the World Series highlights? If you want a summary, I'll have Paul write to you.
    Take care, Jackie.

  3. Hey Rohan! Sorry for being offline so much recently. Out of town on a couple of trips and super busy otherwise. But I'm back and excited to be catching up on your adventures.

  4. Rohan, "Each to her own taste" as the lady said as she kissed the pig. I love the images of you parasailing far above the earth. But I'm not so sure how much fun unplanned swimming from your kayaks is, and even though I used to collect drowsy garter snakes from under their rock hideaways in the spring when I was your age, I doubt that I would choose a cobra for fondling. Good for you, though, for gamely tasting all the wonders at hand. Your blogs are sensational, reflecting a keen eye, an adventurous spirit and an ability to weave words wonderfully well . Love. Grandpa Morgan

  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I LOVE all your comments! Please keep writing!

    Jackie, I would love to hear the highlights of the World Series. Please have Paul write me!

  6. Rohan, your blogs are so fun to read! You make us all feel like we all travel with you guys. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Watching a snake charmer in Kathmandu? How fascinating is that, huh? BTW, did you notice if your snake charming performer stopped for taking the breath in? As far as I remember, these snake charmers use circular breathing technique to play their flutes uninterruptedly.