Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time to Hit the Books!!!

Today was one giant headache.  With an exception of one lunch outing, I was locked up in my cold hotel room, staring at a big fat (I could go into more details) math book.   I slogged through two painful math tests.  I was, though, allowed to read a chapter in my book.

Currently, in The Lord of the Rings, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, and Gandalf have just passed through Rivendell, where the fellowship of the ring was first founded, on the way back to the Shire.  I have three more chapters in the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy!  It will be a very big accomplishment when I finish.  I am exhausted and tired of staring at paper, if you get my reckoning! 

Tomorrow, we are taking a city tour of Cusco.  Not to say I will not have school work.  In the morning, before we leave, I must complete a lesson of math....

Today I schooled,
While my parents ruled,
But not without some reading,
For I am almost leaving,
the long series of the Lord of the Rings,
and once I am done, I will feel like the kings. 
Tomorrow I will undertake a tour of the city,
and hopefully the people who read will be many!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!  


  1. You're the poet who didn't know it! Nice work!!

  2. You are a poet and I do know it!

    I loved being with you all in the Galapagos. I especially liked seeing first hand how you are growing up physically and intellectually while remaining young in spirit.

  3. Rohan (aka Roh)!!!!!!!

    I miss you. And, you wrote a poem. Pithy, entertaining and to the point, which I have to say is quite brilliant, my dear. How awesome it is to be able to rhyme….

    We got back and I went to work right away. It was a bit of a shock, really (my own journey with a ring of sorts). Now I am sitting on my couch, ensconced in my favorite blanket set, after hours of catching up on email. I got up at 5:30 and only the Goddess knows why. Your blog is a good read and a lovely companion for a forlorn reminiscing traveler such as myself on a Friday morning. How totally fun it is to be included in the novel of your life.

    I think a cup of GE tea is in order. I will have a cup for you as well. I had one on the plane home and this adorable flight attendant with a southern accent went on about “the fabulous smell of that tea.”

    Thanks for helping to make my birthday so awesome. I am full of love of the memory. You are the best of people and don’t forget it.

    Your FSM,

    P.S. I liked that last snorkel. The penquinos stayed close.

  4. Hey Rohan!!! Say hi to Cusco for me...when are you going to Machu Picchu???