Friday, May 25, 2012

Almost There Baby!!

We have flown from Cusco to Lima and are currently waiting for our L.A. flight to board!  I am so excited to see my house, state, country and friends!  I have just completed my last math assignment of the trip!  This was a unit test and if I had scored less than 90%,  I would have needed to do it over.   I successfully scored 96% and passed!  I am finally done with all home school assignments of the rigorous world trip!

We will finally make it to Anchorage tomorrow night.  I have taken a vow to do watch movies or play computer games continuously from Lima to Anchorage!  I have been having a blast and am feeling the best I have in ages!  See ya there!!!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!  


  1. Can't wait to read that last blog from Anchorage! Hope the trip home is safe and that you find everything the way you have been remembering! Will talk soon. Much love, Grandmalish