Monday, May 28, 2012

Back Where I Started

I have just made it home from an amazing and difficult adventure.  For the past year, my family and I have been traveling around the world.  We have been to Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and South America.  However, six months into the trip I became very homesick and tired, but we still pushed on and finished the trip.  Finally a couple of days ago, I found myself back in my Alaskan house!    

When the plane landed in Alaska, my dad and I let out a loud scream and all three of us clapped.  We soon got picked up by our friends, Dave and Vic, who kindly drove us back to our house.  On the way, we saw a moose crossing the road.  As I saw him, I thought,  “I am back in the land of the wild, my home and where my heart belongs.”

The first thing I did when I got home was to visit my two next door neighbors, Neve and Soren.  For two days, the three of us played.  We went wild, played in my room, ran around outside, and watched a ton of movies.  Finally, on the night of the second day, I changed out of my filthy travel clothes and took a nice, hot shower.  This morning, Soren came over to my house and into my room to wake me up.  I told him that I needed sleep, alone time, and rest.  After those three points where achieved, I settled down to write my last blog!

For six months, I have been wanting my home so badly that I could hardly contain myself.  Now I am back.  I have not been let down by my homecoming.   In fact, I would have to say that I am overwhelmed by the pleasures of Alaska.  When I look back on the trip, it seems like an endless battle of stress, fear, and hope.  However, there were some good times too.  Diving, paragliding, and zip lining were my favorites.  I also really loved hanging out with my parents, experiencing different cultures, and eating exotic foods.   Despite the fun time I had, it still feels great to be home!

This is my last Rohan Geographic post and I want to thank everyone for following and commenting.  I really appreciate all the people out there who took the time to read my posts.  It is sad and exciting for me to finish the long Rohan Geographic blog.  On one hand, this blog has caused some late nights and fights, and has stolen a lot of my free time.  On the other hand, it has felt really good to express my feelings and have people enjoy my work.  I have also been published in two newspapers, which was an unexpected surprise.  But no more, for this is the last post!

I am so happy to be back, and am feeling the best I have in a long time.  When I look ahead I see a relaxing summer and some good times.  I think that it might be a long time before I am ready to travel again.  Though, I might be tempted to head south for a couple of Rays’ games... Of every place I have visited in the world, my favorite place is still Alaska, my home.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Dear Rohan,
    I have so much enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you better and better. Although this may be the end of your blog, I hope you will keep in touch so I can continue to learn about you and your adventures.

    And I hope you will join us in the California Sierras this August.
    Grandma Doris

  2. Dear Rohan! I am so glad you are home! please send me your email : You are a rock star!!! Your blog was incredible...!!!

  3. I am glad you are finally home! Enjoy your private room stuffed with things you know and love, a cozy bed with a perfect pillow and a right blanket, a bathroom on which you can count to be at the same place every night, and friends that will be there for you when you open your eyes, or when you look for them. It's home baby! Congrats, you made it! What a ride you had over the last year! I am so glad we were able to catch you guys during that heroic journey.

    I bet you will kick behinds of all the classmates in your writing class! We all loved reading your blogs, you are an amazing storyteller and your photography brought your blogs to the whole new level! The problem is that you've got us all hooked. What will we do when you stop writing them? We'll need our dose of Rohan!!!!

    May be you should keep writing.. perhaps once a week... or once a month..:-) and tell us about your adventures in Anchorage. I am sure you'll have something exciting to share with us, funny stories, nice photographs.. you name it...

    Stay in touch, hope to see you in August!!

  4. Into this Universe, and Why not knowing,
    Nor Whence, like Water willy-nilly flowing:
    And out of it, as Wind along the Waste,
    I know not Whither, willy-nilly blowing.

    You addressed these issues with wisdom far beyond your age!
    Thanks for the trip and WELCOME Home!

  5. You made it -- way to go!!!!!!!

    I have really enjoyed reading about your travels, the combination of your words and photos, history lessons, thoughtful insights, and candid discussion about your feelings. Very impressive, educational, and entertaining! You can be really proud of what you created.

    Most memorable post: “Holy Cow!”, from April 1.

  6. Way to go Rohan, thank you for sharing your adventures. WELCOME HOME!

  7. Hello Rohan!!! So glad to hear that you are safe at home once again. I can hear the excitement in your blog!! You are a very good communicator and I'm sure your adventures will make alot of great papers in school. Hoping you will come down for some Rays games - we'll talk! Love you, Grandmalish