Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Sleepy Start!

Today was a school day and nothing more to it.  Originally, our plan had been a bike trip starting at 8AM.  However, after eating breakfast in the hostel lobby, we were too tired to bike.  So, after all of us were satiated, we walked upstairs and jumped into our cozy beds.  When we awoke again, it was already noon, and the day of school had started.  Sleeping in was probably the most exciting thing in my day, being that all I did was one fat lesson of math.  Tomorrow, however, will be more interesting.  The three of us leave on yet another trek, this one for five days.  As earlier, one big blog will be posted after this journey reaches its end on May 22.  Once this Trek is finished, we have four more days until our home coming!  I just can’t wait!

Thank you for reading Rohan geographic!



  1. You gotsta do that math before you trek down the path

  2. Trek blog met all expectations!!!!!!

    Photos matched by insight!
    Thanks again!

  3. Rohan - No doubt you are just back from your trek. I just caught up with the last and how fantastic was that! GREAT photos and writing (maybe a bit trite at times but, hey, you're 12) and it was a blast reading all about it! We have loved your blog and insights. I know this trip has had its stresses but you rarely showed it and have done an absolutely superb job with this blog. Who cares about the rest of the school work (don't tell your parents) because your grade on this endeavor is an A++. Hopefully this hasn't been too much of a strain on you but I am super impressed with you and your parents for pulling off such a monumental trip in spite of a good deal of angst. Getting home will be wonderful but be prepared for a bit of culture shock. Hard to settle in after a trip like this but... you will be fine. Lots of love to the three of you and call us when you are stateside! peter and kristy